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Discussion in 'OBD2 Diagnostics' started by Tommy.B, 22 December 2019.

  1. Tommy.B

    Tommy.B Member New Member

    Hi guys ive been looking at getting some equipment to be able to read full eeprom and flash from ecu via bench pinout etc.
    Can anyone recommend some stuff thats reliable and does take a full read. I know theres not one tool that does them all each has its only limits.
    I recently bought io terminal . bosch /denso/siemens/marrelli Renault tool and i also have smok in which i can add packages .. i also have car-prog . all genuine equipment i use
  2. Cllau

    Cllau Super Moderator Staff Member

    K-Tag & Kess........
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  3. Tommy.B

    Tommy.B Member New Member

    Thanks Cllau i have kess but its slaved. i have heard recently that ktag have changed some stuff and doesnt allow full read on stuff it used to do..
  4. dragon100

    dragon100 Super Moderator Staff Member

    For bosch edc17 , KTM bench read/write full ...
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