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Discussion in 'General Automotive Problems' started by raimi.s, 22 October 2017.

  1. raimi.s

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    Have Peugoet 3008 , 2013 year with stuped fault " no communication with the voltage retaining device ". Custuner cahnge alternator , voltage retaining device and some wiring but still same like was. Need any suggestions or maybe someone have wiring diagrams .
  2. raimi.s

    raimi.s Member New Member

    Any one ?
  3. daniersms

    daniersms Member New Member

    I think the problem is still with the regulator inside the alternator which communicates with the ecu
  4. raimi.s

    raimi.s Member New Member

    Alternator and voltage retaining device bought from main dealer so don't think there is some problems .I think problem with wiring but I can not find
  5. raimi.s

    raimi.s Member New Member

    Problem solved. Very strange but was faulty Voltage Retaining Device which was bought from main dealer :mad: With second one now everything is ok :fp: :D
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  6. Johnner

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    Weird that...glad you got it sorted mate :y:

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