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Smok Multotool - J tag Packages Running

Discussion in 'Smok' started by AutomotrizVIP, 28 October 2018.

  1. AutomotrizVIP

    AutomotrizVIP ATZ Regular New Member Valued Contributor

    interesting topic, since I see some very good others Not so much
    What functions really work ?.
    What are missing?
    Are some useless?

    "This Thread is made for research and learning purposes"
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  2. AutomotrizVIP

    AutomotrizVIP ATZ Regular New Member Valued Contributor

    In the Kia-Hyundai Fujitsu package. Better to call it Fujitsu Dash.and include brands such as Toyota, Suzuki, Honda, others.
    my humble opinion...

    Fujitsu kia-hyundai estimated time 45 minutes in programming
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  3. AutomotrizVIP

    AutomotrizVIP ATZ Regular New Member Valued Contributor

    airbag Infineon Mazda 5 minutes clear ok
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  4. AutomotrizVIP

    AutomotrizVIP ATZ Regular New Member Valued Contributor

    Smok J-tag reading Tricore Tc2xxx
    but the problem is Lift Pin. This is very fragile and small...
    Read Ok Quick
    Write ok.

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