For Sale UPA USB Adapter for New UUSP-S and Old UPA programmer

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  1. ATZX

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    Hi all,

    I designed for me more adapters and one of them is this nice adapter all in one for UPA USB programmer what suport New UUSP-S, UPAS and Old UPA USB programmers.

    This is Version 3.

    Nice idea and best for all :)

    If some one is interesting can contact me in PM.

    Can work also with this adapters if you have it :

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  2. ATZX

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    New prototype adapter for UPA USB Version 4, recently I update design adapter for UPA USB what support also in + Carprog memory eeprom like in down photo.


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  3. ATZX

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    Some time try to read in circuit eeprom memory and can't read in circuit only with programmer, for this reason in next future I will develop new prototype module driver to add and to use with this adapters for UPA-USB, UUSP-S, Carprog, for can read / write in circuit the memory what can't read or write in circuit memory like M35xxx, 93Cxxx, 25Cxxx, 95xxx.

    With this module "ICP R-W for UPA-USB, UUSP-S and Carprog" can read and write in circuit the memory directly in circuit without need to undersold memory from pcb.

    With this adapter will win time and you will be more fast in reading memory eeprom in circuit.

    Will work with this 4 programmers:

    1 - UPA-USB
    2 - USSP-S
    3 - Carprog
    4 - X-Tool
    I think need to work with any programmer memory for eeprom !

    Best regards

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  4. ATZX

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    For example for UPA the board ICP driver need to go in UPA adapters board by socket female from ICP driver in UPA adapters in pin headers at MCU label and need look like this.

  5. ATZX

    ATZX Member New Member

    New functions in +, for drop the voltage with -0.7V, -1.4V from 5V and from 3.3 V, when want to read in circuit "ICP" eeprom memory at low voltage, for not wake up MCU from module read.

    In some cases, eeproms can read it in circuit from some modules in circuit at low voltage and this will help to not wake up the MCU from circuit what need to have in general on power 5V or 3.3V, in this way can read eeprom without affect the content dump of eeprom memory.

    In this case can prevent to work in paralel MCU and eeprom when perform reading or writing of eeprom in circuit at low voltage.

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