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Discussion in 'Elrasoft-UPA' started by Zckariya70, 16 October 2017.

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    Is anyone can built Fujitsu MCU Script for Upa Usb V1.3?:sneaky:
  3. ATZX

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    Hi all members,

    I designed for me more nice adapters and one of them is this nice adapter for UPA, all in one for UPA USB programmer what suport New UUSP-S, UPAS and Old UPA USB programmers.

    Nice idea and best for all :)

    If some one is interesting can contact me in PM.

    Can work also with this adapters if you have it yet:





    New prototype adapter for UPA USB, recently I update design adapter for UPA USB what support also in + Carprog memory eeprom like in down photos.



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  4. Alpesh1982

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    Nicely done
  5. ATZX

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    Yes I know, are the state of the art, the best of the best for the moment from market.

    Design and build by me.

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