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    Will try keep them to just a few,as hopefully members use common sense and civility here

    The usual apply :

    • Please be civil and respect each other
    • Any questions,or issues with other people,please send PM to Admin or Mods
    • English is only language used here,as it keeps everyone on the same playing field
    • Please minimise the use of 'Thanks' and 'Pass Please' in threads..either press the like button or send OP a PM,requesting password to file
    • NO personal/business information to be posted anywhere,including your username/signature,etc
    • The only Selling/Trading allowed is in the Classifieds Section
    • If businesses want to advertise here,please contact Admin
    • There is a seller/trader feedback in place here..please use it,as it may help prevent potential buyers from being ripped off,if that seller is receiving legitimate negative feedback all the time
    • Finally...please contribute useful posts/threads on the forum...leechers will only have a limited lifespan here

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